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Giving Kids the Courage to Speak Up

We received an email into YouthLink that encouraged all of us who work at YouthLink that we are making a difference!

January 27, 2016

“My niece had visited YouthLink on a field trip a few months ago. She was going through a really hard time in her life dealing with some issues that she had with her then stepfather and she was getting bullied quite a bit. We didn’t know it then but someone from your team really hit home with her. She came home and from that moment on, she started talking about her issues and the things she has gone through. Eventually she felt strong enough to let us know that she had some really strong negative and harmful thoughts on her mind. We realized she needed help outside of what we could do to help her. Yesterday she was released from the ACH where she spent the last three weeks and we are working on making her life happier and safer.

Today she was going through her backpack from school and came across a card. The card read … “You are the coolest and smartest grade 6 student I’ve taught. Keep being awesome! If you ever need help or advice, you can come to me and YouthLink.” She started crying because she realized that it was this person’s words that caused her to reach out and ask for help. This person provided her with the courage to talk about what she has been through and this person saved her life!

We are writing you today to say thank-you. I’m not sure if you guys hear it enough but the work you guys do with these kids is truly appreciated and inspiring. If at all possible, we would also really appreciate it if you could let the staff member know that they did an exceptional job and our family cannot thank him enough for the confidence he gave my niece and for the kind words that helped her more than anyone could have ever predicted.

To add to the amazing work this person has done, my niece has now decided that when she is a little bit older she would like to speak to other kids about mental health and bullying so that she can help other kids the way she was helped.”

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