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Article: Comfort & Bicycle Joy - Calgary Herald

Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin shares the story of an off-duty officer teaching two Sudanese men to bicycle.

Christmas is a special time of year. It’s a time to gather with our families and friends, and reflect on the year past. It’s been an exciting and dynamic year for the men and women of the Calgary Police Service as well. I’m fortunate to have recently stepped into the role of chief constable, a role I am immensely proud to hold.

I’m privileged to lead an organization of sworn and civilian members who work day in and day out to safeguard and serve all Calgarians. Using compassion and kindness, I’ve seen them go above and beyond to help the citizens of this city who may be struggling and at their lowest moments.

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Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin is a guest columnist for the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund 2015 campaign.

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