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Thanks to the Archives Society of Alberta for helping us preserve a piece of Calgary history

YouthLink was fortunate to receive a $7,500 grant from the Archives Society of Alberta this past year for a project to restore our 1904-1920 mug shot book. The uniqueness of this book is unquestionable – it is comprised of photographic material, handwritten material, notes, over 1700 photographs, and represents years of labour by multiple police identification service members. It contains rich history and stories – the stories of outlaws, career criminals, and the downtrodden and misunderstood. They’re all in the mugshot book! Unfortunately, this book was degrading and desperately in need of repair. Luckily, the Archives Society of Alberta came to our rescue with a conservation grant.

As a consequence of this grant, we have been able to accomplish significant conservation work on this book including:

  1. Documentation – photographs and notes taken and treatment steps recorded
  2. Stabilization
  3. Mending and repairs to sheets. Adding of guards where necessary to extend the textblock, reducing the strain where the photos are cracking the paper in the gutter.
  4. Mending and stabilizing the cover.
  5. Resewing of the textblock, adding new spine linings that extend past the spine to form anchor points for the inside joints.
  6. Rebinding of the book.

Because of this grant from the Archives Society of Alberta, we are able to preserve this incredible book for posterity, for future historians, and for Calgarians in general.

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