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Quite simply, Tessa, a Grade 6 student from Calgary, was a bully.

More than a bully, she was a terror; her classmates were afraid of her. She intimidated her teachers. Even her mother didn’t know what to do with her. She was described as the most narcissistic 12 year old you could ever meet.

But despite being a bully, inside she was a lonely, isolated, and confused little girl. She didn’t understand why she didn’t have any friends, why her teachers avoided her, and why she couldn’t turn to her mother for help. There was no doubt Tessa was a bully, and there was no doubt she needed help.

Thankfully for Tessa, she was introduced to YouthLink. A place where Calgary’s youth have access to the resources they need to help them navigate life’s tough situations and help them make the right decisions.

At YouthLink, students are exposed to real life stories of bullies, their victims and bystanders. These stories come from Calgary schoolyards, classrooms, and sports fields and feature all types of bullying – physical, emotional and online bullying – and how YouthLink provided guidance, counsel and solutions to the youth involved.

We’ve all met someone like Tessa. Now there is a place in Calgary where students like her can learn to manage their bullying tendencies, deal directly with bullies, and teach bystanders how to respond when someone they know is being bullied.

That place is YouthLink.

Locker Stories

YouthLink will introduce you to 10 Calgary youths who found themselves in situations they did not know how to handle. Bullies, victims, and bystanders.

Learn how YouthLink helped each of them.

Hall of Support

Today’s youth have vast support systems they can turn to – parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, and religious leaders, not to mention the police.

Who can you turn to if you need help? More Resources

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