If you take drugs, you risk everything.
Your family, your life. Everything.

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Julie didn’t plan on using drugs.

She just wanted to fit in, and who doesn’t?

Someone asked her if she wanted to try something. She didn’t know what it was, but her friends were watching…

For Julie, “just once” turned into an addiction. One that took everything – including her life.

Drug Profiles

The world of drugs is ever changing. The Calgary Police Drug Unit is committed to working with YouthLink to provide current and relevant information for all age groups. Come learn about the ten most common drugs in Calgary, the side effects of these drugs on your body and even take a look at actual samples seized from inside our schools and on our streets.

Meth Me

"If I take drugs for only a month, will it really affect me? I can stop any time I want!"

The effects of all drugs, crystal meth in particular, begin to affect you very quickly. Visitors of YouthLink will have the opportunity to have their picture taken in a “Meth Me” booth where their appearance will change to show how crystal meth would affect their appearance in only six months.

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