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Matt, a Calgary Junior High student

sent the same text to 12 different girls with the message, “I’m looking for a girlfriend – interested?

Send me some photos of you!” What he didn’t expect was that night each of the girls would respond back with inappropriate photos of themselves. The next day at school, Matt shared one photo with just one friend through a text. His friend shared it with two of his friends on Facebook and within the day the photo had gone viral throughout their school, and even shared across other schools. When the girl in the photo found out this happened, she was devastated; her world had changed overnight, and this humiliation and embarrassment led her to become suicidal.

The Calgary Police responded to this situation by mobilizing the Victims Assistance Unit, Cyber Teams, School Resource Officers, and Investigative Units. Criminal charges relating to the circulation of inappropriate photos of minors was raised, and the victim was admitted to a mental health unit for help.

This is an unfortunate situation that never should have happened. But it did. Here at YouthLink, we want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. At YouthLink, we help students learn how to become responsible digital citizens and the importance of making smart choices when online. Using interactive digital tools, we address different aspects of online safety (responsible social media use, suspicious emails and passwords, online dangers, cybercrime, and cyberbullying).

Ultimately, the Shaw Centre for Digital Wellness and Leadership teaches youth the skills they need to stay safe online.

Connection Strength

YouthLink visitors are invited to complete five digital activities to test their connection strength including checking to see how secure their passwords are, seeing if they can recognize suspicions emails, learning how to build a safe social media profile, and creating their own Digital Safety Pledge.

Pyramid of Technology

See how dramatically technology has evolved at the Calgary Police Service.

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