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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs around, but trying to help your child make safe choices just got easier.
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Raising kids in today’s world has never been more challenging.

When we were younger we all had to navigate issues with drugs, gangs and bullies. But we didn’t have the extra challenges that come from being online. Trying to keep on top of the latest social media craze, monitoring your child’s cell phone and online activity is difficult. YouthLink is here to help. We teach kids to make smart choices, and are here to support parents. Got a kid who is crazy about policing or forensics? Come have fun experiencing and learning about it together!

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Youth are our future, and here at YouthLink we feel it is important to support you in raising kids who can take on the challenges, and who can learn to make smart and safe decisions.

We know that kids of all ages face issues and challenges on a daily basis, at school, in the community. or even in our own homes. While YouthLink offers weekday school trip opportunities aimed at students in grade 6, we want to be able to reach out to all kids and their families, to show them they are not alone, and that there are solutions to life’s complicated problems available to them. We take a hard look at the topics of the world of gang life, bullying, drugs, online safety and healthy relationships, and we are not afraid to take on the tough questions. It helps to know you can turn to us at YouthLink for some answers and support with these complex issues. Our interactive programming is designed to help you and your child explore and learn about making safe choices and decisions.

That is just one aspect of what we have to offer here at YouthLink! We have also created the opportunity for you to explore the world of policing. Got a junior detective in your home that is wild about forensics? We have the solution! Our Saturday programming offers you and your kids some hands-on exploration with learning about DNA, blood spatter, ballistics, fingerprints and foot impressions, bugs and bodies. You can experience what it is like to investigate mysteries and solve the crimes! Come explore everything about the Calgary Police Service, with our interactive displays on Canine, Patrol, the TAC team, the HAWCS helicopter, and much much more!

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