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YouthLink is passionately and proactively inspiring kids to make positive choices and stay safe.

During full-day fieldtrips, students spend half the day learning about forensic science through our Forensic Files evidence and investigation program. The other half of the day focuses on our Street Smart program. Street Smart gives students the straight facts on challenging topics, such as bullying, drugs, healthy relationships, gangs and online safety.

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Growing up can be difficult.

Students are faced with issues on a daily basis and struggle to decide how to solve problems. Through the programming at YouthLink, we strive to provide students with the tools and strategies needed to assist them in making the best decisions possible. Throughout the day, students will be challenged to use their own knowledge and beliefs, along with the information provided, to apply decision making tools.

All field trips at YouthLink are FREE and provide programming for a full day (9:30-2:30). Decision Making and Conflict Resolution are discussed, along with our two core areas: Forensic Files and Street Smart.

Forensic Files

Students will learn how to use the evidence found at a simulated crime scene as well as their investigative skills to solve the crime. Students will complete eight lessons in class prior to their visit to YouthLink, during which they will learn how to analyze footprints, fingerprints, and handwriting, as well as be introduced to the concept of DNA. Upon visiting the Centre, students will use our innovative new crime lab to interpret the evidence they have been studying. Students will return to their classroom after their visit with the information needed to solve the crime.

Street Smart

Street Smart gives students the straight facts on challenging topics. Prior to your trip, teachers will select 3 of our 5 core modules to focus their day on - bullying, drugs, healthy relationships, gangs and online safety. Our goal is to provide student with the knowledge and tools to make confident and positive life-choices.

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