Police Camps | Can Every Child Can Benefit from Learning Police Skills?

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Not every kid dreams about becoming a police officer.

We’re not offended.

In fact, convincing kids to join the service has never been the point – although it’s always a rewarding bonus when it happens.

Instead, our goal has always been to provide an exciting learning opportunity that offers useful and positive building blocks that are applicable to anyone’s future. And, of course, provide awesome, behind-the-badge experiences that give citizens a true perspective on the role police play in community safety.

Pulling back the layers of policing reveals a long-standing service that is based on values and making a positive difference. The training involved in becoming an officer has a clear focus on building skills in problem solving, leadership, teamwork and supporting others. Characteristics that can help kids prepare for a successful future in any career.

When we talk about police skills, we’re not referring to an intense, regimented five-day training period masked as “summer camp”. Instead, we’re talking about a week filled with fun and engaging activities, which focus on the core values and goals of policing. The key word being FUN.


4 Core Values of CPS

The Calgary Police Service has a strong focus on core values. YouthLink uses these values as principles when developing camp activities and challenges. While these values are important to policing, they also go far beyond the badge – offering building blocks for key characteristics that help kids live happy and successful lives. YouthLink’s camps focus on the following 4 core values:



We’ve all been there – those crippling moments of self-doubt, fuelled by a fear of failure. But what happens when we overcome that fear and accomplish what we thought was impossible?  The greatest feeling in the world – personal success. At YouthLink, we believe that personal growth occurs with openness to new experiences and by challenging our comfort zones. This takes courage. Getting on a radio and telling your team which direction to go, questioning a bad guy, and using new skills, all takes courage. We love watching the change in campers as individuals begin to feel comfortable taking risks, knowing that they will be supported by their team.



One of the most important character traits for a friend, partner, co-worker or leader is honesty. Throughout each day educators refer to the benefits of telling the truth and encourage understanding through open communication.



Treating all people with value is how we build a strong and supportive community, workplace and family. Listening to the views of others and maintaining courteous communication is a key piece to being a successful team player or leader in any career. The challenges we design for our camps encourages team members to work respectfully, despite the excitement (and sometimes frustration) felt during their journey of completing the challenge.


Fairness and Compassion

By encouraging a culture of inclusion, participants learn how to understand many different perspectives through empathy and understanding.  Campers are motivated to use teamwork during many of the crime and patrol scenarios, as doing so equates to their successful completion of the challenge.


The YouthLink Motto

Make it Fun!

Fun has a positive effect on motivation and on how much we retain. Our team strives to build activities that promote engagement – fun, pleasure and excitement. Seeing our campers maintain their excitement throughout the week is what we refer to as the ultimate success. Building this excitement also motivates our team to stay creative while developing new programs, as we consistently challenge ourselves to raise the bar in the level of enjoyment experienced by participants.


YouthLink’s Police Camps 

YouthLink’s camps (PD and Summer Camps) offer a unique combination of science and adventure, perfect for curious minds that are seeking a fun, positive and action-packed adventure.

Each camp consists of a number of team challenges, some of which are police related and some that are based purely on having a good time with new friends. Days are infused with time for play (sports and games), exploration of the Police Museum, art and learning real-world police skills (including forensic science, investigative and patrol skills).

Ready to sign your child up? Check out our PD Camps and Summer