Upcoming Adult Events

Evenings with an Expert | Series 

Get the most behind the scenes possible by hearing the incredible stories of World-wide experts. From famous homicide investigations to undercover work, get the perspective of those that were there.

Real investigations
True stories
Actual Evidence 

Calgary’s Historic True Crime | Series

Introducing a series of untold true crime stories. 

Case files that are still not completely understood, even after major developments in crime investigation technology.

Every statement, photo and piece of evidence is real.

Each case will conclude differently; however, open endings and puzzling outcome will leave you trying to piece together what really happened. Only those that were there will ever really know.

Audience participation is encouraged.

Past Adult Events

International Police Museums Conference

June 25-27, 2019

Selected to host this year’s annual International Police Museums Conference, we’re making it an event to remember! Join us for three days of hands-on learning, filled with fun policing experiences, presentations by experts and exciting adventures in history.

Our theme, Innovation and Engagement, will set the tone as we dive head first into many of our favourite successes and future strategies. Topics will be presented by our in-house innovators themselves as well as a range of experts in the fields of museums, tourism and visitor experience.

Women in Policing Exhibit & Documentary Film Unveiling 

February 7, 2019
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Must be 18+

Join our expert museum team for an unveiling of the inspiring stories told by Calgary’s first policewomen.

A Ten-Part Display
Each display includes striking, vintage photos, letters and stories, which capture the essence of a time when courageous women blazed the trail towards new ranks within the Calgary Police Service.

Documentary Viewing
Policewoman”, traces the early years of Calgary’s first policewomen through candid experiences and true stories. Laugh, celebrate and reflect, as these women give voice to their history by providing a deep look at their lives, both from the professional side and the more personal. Created by our museum’s own award-winning team, this 40-minute film is played in two locations every 30 minutes.