Saying No

Would your children know what to do if they were offered drugs? If they don’t have a strategy in place, it is more likely that they will cave to negative peer pressure. YouthLink kids learn how to confront these situations. Cst. JM shares a personal story about a decision he had to make that changed his life forever.


Constable Jess tell us about the side effects and risks associated with vaping.

Gang Recruiting

Kids are being recruited by gangs at a surprisingly young age. Constable Singh gives us recognizable recruitment signs to watch for.

Special Photo

This week’s conversation starter is called “Special Photo”. While this topic can be uncomfortable to discuss, Constable Jess shares tips that parents can use for open dialogue.

Pass it on

Should you post a photo of your friend online without their permission? Constable Jess explains the rules and etiquette for “passing it on”.

Secrets vs Surprises

Hear from Cst. Jess about the difference between secrets and surprises. When talking about healthy vs unhealthy relationships, where do secrets and surprises fit?

How to Make (and Remember) a Safe Password

With so many passwords in our lives, it’s hard to remember them all! Check out these easy tips to make a password that is both safe and easy to remember.

Healthy Coping Strategies

Teaching our children positive ways to confront and reduce stress is an important part to building their resilience. Here’s a quick list to help your children build their own tool kit.

Youth Vaping and COVID-19

Talking to your family about the risks of vaping is important – particularly now, as risks of respiratory complications are increased with COVID-19 infection.

Helping Kids Say No To Drugs

At some point they will be offered, but will they know what to say? Join Cst. JM for a few tricks that may help your kids avoid a bad decision.