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The 2019 International Police Museum Conference Presents: “Innovation and Engagement”

Vince Dalfonzo

FBI CIRG (Retired)


Negotiation Stories | Tales from the FBI

Storytelling is a vital part of our shared human experience. Some stories are so enthralling that they are told and retold, shaped and reshaped, and interpreted from multiple perspectives. Museums play a fundamental role in telling these stories and a duty to connect visitors to the truth behind events.

Vince Dalfonzo, the Opening Keynote, is a former FBI crisis negotiator and lifelong museum lover. Vince has a compelling story to tell, a perspective not often considered – the person on the other end of the line. And it’s all about psychology.

Vince will focus on one of the most difficult cases of his career while walking the audience through a tragic tale of violence, public panic, and confusion – the DC Sniper Attacks. In the fall of 2002 two individuals started a killing spree that lasted 23 days, spanned two states, leaving 10 innocent victims dead and 3 innocent victims critically wounded.

While at large, the shooters terrorized millions and the public was paralyzed by fear. The case was one of the largest manhunts ever conducted in the U.S. and an international news sensation.  This case has been documented and profiled in many different ways and in many different forms: books, movies, magazine articles, television shows, and as an exhibit in an American museum.  But even though the case has been told and retold, Vince will share with us a perspective that has been lost in the shuffle, offering insights and ideas about how we, as museum communities, can work to explore events truthfully yet with impact.

Vince Dalfonzo is a lifelong lover of museums and a career agent with the FBI. As a Crisis Negotiator, Vince has worked on some of this century’s most infamous cases including the Boston Marathon Bombers, the high seas hijacking of the Maersk Alabama, and the manhunt for the DC Snipers.

Dave Sweet

Author, Homicide Detective


Life Lessons from a Homicide Detective 

A veteran homicide investigator with the Calgary Police Service, Dave Sweet’s career has included some of Calgary’s most horrific and fascinating cases.

Sweet’s closing keynote will take the audience on a journey, starting with the very first murder in Calgary in 1884. Sweet will shed light on how investigations were done in the past contrasted with to how they are done today, including historic challenges and remarkable advancements in technology.

Sweet will also give the audience insight into some of the heartfelt lessons he has learned while working as a detective, the premise for his renowned book (an “unconventional memoir”), Skeletons in my Closet: Life Lessons from a Homicide Detective. Sweet’s “life lessons” will include the vicious gang war of the early 2000s and the violent beating death of Mark Mariani by white supremacists as well as other high-profile cases.  While an investigator’s experiences are often challenging, Sweet’s method of embracing the reflected beauty found in what one can learn from such events, is both enlightening and empowering.

Through his presentation, Sweet will bring many of our museum exhibitions to life by narrating the stories behind some of the objects and evidence currently on display. Using these examples, Sweet will delve into the importance of museums, including the role they play in preserving the objects and stories of culture, how they shape our knowledge, play a part in today’s society and celebrate our journey.

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