Current Family Events

2019 Winter Fun | New Additions to the K9 Exhibit! 

Celebrate the Calgary Police Service’ newest furry members with fun activities and human-friendly challenges.

6 new member additions
K9 Obstacle Course (simulation for humans!)
Exciting challenges and activities for kids 

Included in your free admission to the museum (recommended donation of $5 per person).

Fridays and Saturdays | December to February, 2019

(Starts Friday, December 13, 2019 – check for closed dates during December and January).

Past Family Events

Summer 2019 Theme Months

We’re offering two exciting themes for each month of summer. Registration is not required (all groups with more than 10 people must book prior to arrival here). Check out the details below!

Recruit Academy (July Theme) 

Take on fun challenges as a family or watch your kids have a blast while participating in a family-friendly version of recruit training!

Recruit Crossword Scavenger Hunt – Test your knowledge of policing while hunting for clues throughout the Police Museum!

Radio Call Challenge – Make a radio call to the Police Museum’s Dispatcher, will you make the right call?

Take a Pic in Uniform – This visit will certainly be remembered! Choose your rank and unit, and don’t forget to tag @youthlinkyyc in all your social media posts!

Policing Relay Race – Teamwork is the key to pretty much all policing successes. Do you have what it takes? Work together to accomplish multiple recruit challenges (includes Nerf target practice!).

Forensic Challenge (August Theme)

A break-in has occurred in Calgary’s Police Museum and it’s up to your family to hunt down the clues and catch the suspect! Gain expert skills by challenging yourselves to experiments in the lab to try to catch the bad guy.

Solve the Crime! – Using an interactive suspect Parade Board, find clues and evidence throughout the museum. Will you be able to pinpoint who did it?

Fingerprinting Challenge – Discover how the experts connect suspects to the scene using fingerprinting (includes a take-home of your own fingerprints!).

Ballistics – You’ve seen it on TV, now’s your chance to connect bullets found at a scene to a suspect. Get your lab coat and get your geek on, you’re able to learn how the experts perform ballistic experiments.

Facial Recognition Game – You don’t have to be an artist to draw a good suspect sketch, we’ll show you how!