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Every day you make thousands of choices.

Some choices you don’t even think about, like breathing or blinking your eyes. Other choices you think about a lot – like who you’re going to be friends with and what you’re willing to try. We know most of the time you’ve got life handled. But for those really hard decisions, we’re here to get you the straight facts, stories, skills, and tools to keep you safe and away from crime. Being aware, educating yourself and asking questions are great steps to stay safe. Check out the links below to get started!

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Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by things in our life.

If you are struggling with a tough decision, unwanted feelings, or feel like you need to talk to someone, it’s always OK to ask for help. There are many people, places, and resources in our city that can provide the support you need. See our Resources section to find the right fit for you.

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Marijuana’s negative impact on teenage brains should influence its legalization, say experts

The latest research says marijuana is more harmful that most Canadians think, especially for young people with growing brains, members of an expert panel said Friday. Read More >>

YouthLink Participates in Shaw #PinkShirtPromise Campaign

YouthLink is proud to participate and support the Shaw #PinkShirtPromise campaign running from Feb. 9 – 24th, 2016. Read More >>

VIDEO: Ask an Addict

Throughout 2015, illicit fentanyl has become a public health crisis across Alberta and many parts of Canada. We’ve reached out to an unusual partner to share the real truths behind fentanyl use in Calgary - Meet Reanne. Read More >>