Field Trips at YouthLink Calgary

The curriculum has changed, and so have our programs! We offer a host of free Grade 6 field trips to teach students about keeping themselves and their communities safe. Whether it be online, in schools, or out in the world, our field trips offer practical tools to keep them Safe For Life.

Grade 6 crime prevention programming is at the heart of our school experiences here at YouthLink Calgary. Join us for a day of exploration and investigation in this new program. Tackle current issues and relevant tips and tools for Cyber safety, Healthy Relationships, Gangs, and Drugs.

police school field trip

Ride along for a week of adventure and empowerment with YouthLink Calgary police officers in our 4-day police school program. Your students will learn first-hand about the role of Calgary Police in our community, how to stay Safe for Life, and discover their potential as community leaders.

This new field trip offering navigates the complexities of the online world with your students. Whether it be exposing the dangers of social media, or honing skills in safeguarding online identities, students will learn strategies straight from Calgary Police through this hands-on experience.