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Gun Violence and Gang Activity in Calgary

Gang and gun violence are growing concerns that impact every community within Calgary, not isolated issues. On average, individuals who are a part of a gang are between the ages of 12 and 30; however, there have been youth as young as 8 years old getting involved. YouthLink Calgary is tackling the growing community concerns by educating thousands of youth and families about the risks and protective measures associated with gang activity and gun violence.

About the Gangs and Guns Presentation

YouthLink strives to develop prevention programs through educating the community about current issues relating to gang activity and the misuse of firearms.

We tailor the presentations to the needs of the audience and address the concerns that are widespread through communities and schools within the city.

These presentations are a collaborative initiative with our partners: the Calgary Police Service and the Calgary Police Youth Foundation–who recognize that gang violence is an issue that requires broader community support, education, and awareness.

Presentation Highlights

  • Provides a snapshot into the current gang scene and the challenges that communities are facing.
  • Addresses common myths that are supported by popular media and challenges those myths with the realities.
  • Identifies that recruitment tactics used by gangs and the factors that draw youth into the high-risk lifestyle.
  • Learn to recognize normal changes in behaviour vs. warning signs for gang involvement.
  • Discusses the consequences of firearms use for youth and adults, specifically the use of imitation firearms (airsoft guns, BB guns, pellet guns etc.)
  • Illuminates the impact that gang activity has on the community and promotes personal safety tactics.
  • Provides tips for adults to help youth navigate through difficult situations and how to support them.
  • Numerous resources are provided to ensure the community understands where to turn and when.

Designed for adults and youth 13 years and older. This program targets youth caregivers, mentors, and supporters. We do not allow youth younger than 12 years of age to attend. We specifically design the content and discussions for a more mature audience.

Presentation Options

We can tailor our Guns and Gangs presentation to meet the needs of individuals of all ages, including youth, students, adults, or seniors. It can be delivered either virtually or in-person, depending on preferences and requirements.

Who Should Attend

This presentation is suitable for youth (ages 12+) and adults interested in learning about gun violence and gangs.