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I Bloody Love You - Valentine's Event

Valentine’s Event – I Bloody Love You (18+)

FEBRUARY 14, 2017

For the Morbid at Heart

Achieve the thrill of romance through crime scene investigation and stimulating scenario-based challenges. Find your spicy, undercover side while cracking cases, uncovering surprising true stories and challenging yourself to fun, crime-themed experiments. The perfect Valentine’s evening for singles, couples and groups.

An Action-Packed Evening!

CSI Team Challenge

You and a partner are put to the test as the key crime scene investigators. A grisly crime of passion and revenge has left its ugly mark on our city and it’s up to you to solve the case. Under the watchful eye of real-world experts; you must use your wit to gather the evidence, read the clues and piece together the deadly secrets of the past. Requesting the right information is crucial - it’s up to you to analyze, strategize and make the right connections that will ultimately lead you to the killer. Just remember, follow your instincts and always, let the evidence speak for itself.

Blood Spatter Analysis Workshop

Put on a lab coat and follow your instructor to the depths of our basement Blood Spatter Analysis Lab. Prepare for some serious airborne entertainment while we experiment and analyze blood spatter patterns and stains while making your own Dexter-inspired work of art.

Scenario-Based Challenges and Demonstrations

Step behind the badge to gain a taste of the mental and physical training involved in police recruitment. How will you handle the pressure of public safety responsibility? Keeping over 1 million people safe goes far beyond handing out traffic tickets – hear from real-life experts to gain a true perspective on all the moving parts involved and what it takes to make the cut.

Stories of Real Crimes of Passion

Every contact leaves a trace and Calgary has its share of incredible case-cracking stories. Discover our city’s most jaw-dropping investigations solved by a remarkable (and often lucky) team of detectives. Join our expert story tellers on a fascinating journeys into the past; beginning from the moment officers first stepped on scene, through the unraveling investigation, and ending in the break that would put the criminal behind bars. We bring these stories to life with exclusive access to actual evidence, archives and images.

Appetizers and Lab-Inspired Beverages

Your ticket includes unlimited access to a delectable spread of hot and cold appetizers, treats and non-alcoholic beverages.

Experiment at the lab-inspired bar with a fun selection of alcoholic beverages and a crime themed cocktail. Additional costs apply, cash and cards accepted.

Also Included:

Access to all museum exhibits

Frequent forensic experiments and demonstrations.

On-stage entertainment and fun couple’s challenges.

On-site experts delivering captivating demonstrations, informative talks and experiments.

Comical role-playing photo opportunities (jail cell and crime scene).

“Internet Safety for Adults” interactive presentation.

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