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Our team of presenters help Calgary families start important conversations surrounding the tough decisions that youth face today.

Tuesdays to Saturdays, July & August.
Fridays and Saturdays, September to June.
- Frequency of activities varies.
- FREE - no registration required.
- Each presentation is approximately 30 minutes


10:30 am: Online Safety
11:30 am: Healthy Relationships
12:30 pm: Bullying
1:30 pm: Gangs and “Bad Influences”
2:30 pm: Drugs Awareness


Presented by The SHAW Centre for Digital Wellness and Leadership, learn the basics for protecting yourself in an online world. Gain important skills and insight on how to avoid victimization and help your family make safe and positive decisions when sharing information and photos.


Everyone has relationships; with our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and dating relationships. Supported by Enbridge, learn how to recognize important differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships as well as potentially dangerous situations. Watch a series of powerful scenarios unfold and discuss potential outcomes and how to get help and support when needed.


Nearly every youth in Calgary will be affected by bullying at some point in their adolescence. Our team is proactively combating bullying within our city by teaching youth how to be accepting and kind to others and how to stop bullying once started. With the support of the Calgary Police Service, we are working to inspire an inclusive city where every community member feels safe and supported.


Just one bad decision can lead a child down a path of crime and destruction. Gang recruitment and bad influences are out there – our goal is to help your children make positive decisions despite peer pressure. Through real Calgary stories, straight from the mouths of gang members and their families, we’ll start the conversation about criminal decisions and their consequences.


Experimental drug use is more dangerous than ever with the rise in Fentanyl use within our city. Hear stories of loss and tragedy told by real Calgarian addicts in an engaging short film. Learn about current highly visible drugs and their effects on the body and brain through visual displays and engaging conversation. Understand the dangers of drug use and addiction and how to recognize when it’s time to get help. Our team will provide the knowledge, tools, and skills required to empower your children to make positive decisions around drugs and alcohol.

Free Help